Hotel Supplies and Amenities Create the “Wow” Factor for Excellent Guest Experience

Many guests report in their post-visit comments on hotel and travel booking websites that hotels with special supplies, amenities and treats for guests definitely create the “Wow” factor for modern travelers. Whether hotel guests are traveling for business or leisure purposes, they always appreciate the extras that savvy hotel management offer in every guest room or suite.

Modern travelers from all regions of the globe today lead busy, often hectic lives at home with their demanding requirements at work, school or in the home. Everyone strives to accomplish more in less time due to the fast-paced lifestyles that are the norm today. For this reason, attractive, relaxing, luxurious travel accommodations with various perks and appealing extra amenities are always appreciated by the modern traveler.

Hotel Supplies and Amenities that Create the “Wow” Factor and a Top-Rated Guest Experience

Certain special hotel supplies and amenities that truly create the “Wow” factor and guarantee a top-tier guest experience and positive feedback include the following:

• Complimentary Treats.
– When hotel management staff place complimentary treats like rich, pure chocolates, specialty juices, coffees, teas, fruits and nuts in guest rooms before they arrive or after each room is cleaned every day, guests feel welcomed and appreciated. Even small gifts and perks that are given free of charge make the guest feel at home in terms of comfort while feeling well cared for and entertained as a hotel guest.

• Free Spa Visits.
– Hotels that offer free spa visits for guests gain much praise and often, return visits by guests. When guests are invited to enjoy the luxurious relaxation and rejuvenation of spa use without expense during their hotel stay, they feel recognized for their value as guests, and they make advance plan to visit again while recommending the hotel to their relatives and friends as a top level destination for rest and enjoyment while traveling. Even guests who often feel disconnected and alone when staying in many accommodations away from home feel connected and valued for their presence and participation in experiencing all aspects of attractive hotel living when traveling.

• Luxurious Robes, Slippers, Toiletries and Accessories. – When guests arrive at a hotel feeling tired and depleted from traveling, if they find a soft, luxurious robe and slippers awaiting them in their guest room with a wide array of attractive soaps, lotions and other toiletries and scented candles as well as treats, they are favourably impressed. When they discover the true comforts of the spa water jet bath and rainforest shower, they will often look for opportunities to praise and recommend this hotel to their family members, friends and business associates who travel frequently.

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