Professional Choice Whitening Travel Pack

Professional Choice Whitening Travel Pack x 10

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Quantity 1 x Professional Choice Whitening Toothpaste 24g, 1 x Whitening Toothbrush with Stain Lifter, 8 x Dental Flosser Toothpicks, 1 x Carry Case,

Reveal your most confident smile with White Glo's Professional Choice Whitening Toothpaste!!

This handy travellers pack contains the White Glo Professional Choice (24g Travel Size), White Glo Anti-Stain Toothbrush, White Glo Flexible Dental Flossers Toothpicks in a handy resealable carry bag. This product is suitable to be taken on board aircrafts and the handy carry bag makes it perfect to take away with you.

The premium fluoride-enriched toothpaste offers maximum oral care hygiene. Its special Extra Strength formulation lightens discolouration and yellowing on tooth enamel which is often caused by food and drinks with strong colouring.

Rated most effective whitening toothpaste by Canstar Blue and receiving a seal of approval by the Australian Dental Association, this formulation was originally developed for actors and models. With regular use, this will help restore your teeth' glamourous shine giving you a radiant smile.


  1. Lubricate your brush with small amount of water and squeeze pea-sized amount on the toothbrush
  2. Insert toothbrush in the mouth at a 45 degree angle to your gums and use a gentle circular motion to brush front teeth
  3. Brush outside surfaces of teeth, making sure to get the back molars and upper areas of chewing surfaces
  4. Flip the toothbrush upside down to get the inside of the top front teeth and repeat for the bottom front teeth
  5. Brush your tongue
  6. Rinse your mouth to reveal your most confident smile!

Please note: Assorted Colour Traveller's Packs