Spun Poly Tablecloth 137 x 137 - Black

Black Dinner Napkin

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Colour Jet Black
Shape Square
Size 50 x 50 cm ( 20 x 20 Inches )

Great reasons to choose our spun-poly Napkins.

1. Spun Poly is soft. like "Cotton-soft".

But not like a fluffy pillow. Spun Poly is tremendously soft compared to much of the traditional Polyesters on the market (which can have almost a "plastic-like" feel).

With Spun Polyester, the fibres are spun repeatedly to soften them, and it gives a feeling that is nearly identical to Cotton. For restaurants and dinner party hosts, there is a touch of stiffness in Spun Poly napkins, making them ideal for special napkin folds.

2. It feels like Cotton, but it doesn't wrinkle like cotton.
Because it has the softness of Cotton, but because it's made of 100% Polyester, it doesn't wrinkle like Cotton table linen. Our Spun Poly is wrinkle-resistant, and so much easier to care for.

3. Laundering Spun Poly table linens is as easy as traditional Polyester and stains usually wash out easily.

One of the best things about Polyester is how easy it is to launder. Our Spun Poly is no different. Besides featuring a soil-release finish, our Spun Poly fabric is completely machine washable and dryer safe.

4. Spun Poly is heavier than many table linen fabrics.

The heavier weight material means more durability and better opaqueness than regular Polyester. It's no wonder that the finest hotels, fanciest banquet halls, and award-winning restaurants prefer using Spun Poly.

Spun Poly Tableclothes are a popular choice in the commercial hotel and restaurant industry.

They look like cotton but they are easy to care for and don't require ironing

Spun Poly is a popular choice in the commercial restaurant and entertainment industry.

They look like cotton but they are easy to care for and do not require ironing.

Great to wash, long life and colour fast.

Black colour available for more decorating options 

  • Material: 100% Spun Polyester
  • Size: 50 x 50 cm
  • Shape: Square
  • Colour: Black