Microloft Exceed Down Quilt - Queen

Microloft Exceed Down Quilt QB

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Material Microloft Exceed Down Fill, 100% Cotton Japara Casing
Size 210 x 210 cm
Weight 300 GSM


Microloft exceed down hotel quilt mimics the warmth and weight of feather and down quilts at commercial quality.

With a Microloft exceed down fill and 100% Cotton Japara Cover, these quilts are great for people who are allergic to feather and wool.

Fully machine washable makes them an easy maintenance quilt with the comfort of feather and down.

Down is well known for its light weight, fluffiness and generating the insulation and warmth. Soft and airy, down is lighter than feather and can trap trap the air more easily which makes it breatheable and avoid 'over-heating' in bed. Unilke the feather quill sometimes poke through the quilt and be quite uncomfortable, down quilt will provide extra comfort and softness against the skin. Another advantage of down quilt is it is more durable and stay firm longer than feather after time.