Saville Row Elegance Starter Pack

  • $88.00


Body Lotion x 50
Conditioner x 50
Enviornmental Card x 1
Pleat Wraped Soaps 100 x 20gm
Sani Bags x 25
Scent Pine, Eucalyptus and Amber
Shampoo x 50
Shower caps x 25

With a total of 300 items in the starter pack, this represents excellent value.

The Saville Row Elegance bathroom collection combines elegance, style and sophistication, all in recycable packaging. The black silver and white combination suits any style of bathroom, and the mirror finish ball cap adds classic art deco class.

Each Starter pack contains Shampoo, Conditioner, Bath Gel, boxed Sani bags, Shower Caps and Soap and enviromental water saving cards.

We have used an Italian Blood Orange frangrance which is subtle enough to suit both men and women.

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