Botanicals 15ml Tube Starter Pack

Botanicals 15ml Tube Starter Pack

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Conditioner x 50
Moisturiser x 50
Sachet Soap 50 x 20gm
Sani Bags x 50
Shampoo x 50
Shower caps x 50

Botanicals Starter packs are perfect for new or small businesses.


  • 50 x Shampoo 15ml
  • 50 x Conditioner 15ml
  • 50 x Moisturiser 15ml
  • 50 x 20gm Soap
  • 50 x Sani Bags
  • 50 x Shower Caps

Basic Earth Botanicals is an affordable enviromentally friendly guest amenities range. Elegant simplicity and quality ingredients combine to pamper the body and delight the senses. Liquids and Vegetable base soaps contain the finest of ingredients, biodegradable contents are fragranced with a citrus blend of Eucalyptus and lemon Myrtle. Treat your guests with this modern and fresh amenities line.