Heavy Duty Wipes 45m - Red

Red Heavy Duty Wet Wipes 45m

  • Brand: Bastion
  • Product Code: 30-146
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  • $13.50


Colour Red
Length 150 Feet
Sheet Size 30 x 50 cm
Sheets per roll 90 Xtra Thick

I have a question for you -

Would you lick the floor you walk on ?  Seriously!!  Would you?

I would hope the answer is no, but as crazy as it sounds, most people only buy blue wipes because they like the colour of them. And being such a useful item they get used in all manner of ways.   Like cleaningthe floors, doors and toilets.Then they end up back beside the sink for the next poor unsuspecting victim to wash their dishes with.

Stop using blue wipes everywhere, it's a bad idea. Really it is.

Blue on the kitchen benches, but red on the kitchen floors and doors.

Yellow in the bathrooms and Green outside. Surley you can see the common sense it that. And if you cant, then to hell with it , keep using blue ones everywhere.


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