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Alcohol Based Towelettes x 100 - SPECIAL OFFER

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Contains *Deionized Water * Glycerrin * 1,2-Propanediol, * Kathon, * Aloe Extract.
Qty 100 Towelettes

Alcohol-Based Towelettes x 100 (Sani-Wipes ) 

Golden Lotus make-up remover towelette is perfect to cleanse and sanitise skin.

They are exactly the same as sani-wipes for your hands and can be used for that!

Remove make-up gently, cleanses, disinfects and hydrates.

Comes in packets of 100 towelettes.

Place 2 of these in the bathrooms on the vanity to encourage guests not to use the white face washers. 

Nice modern design of the golden lotus on a black background suits every bathroom.