Glad Garbage Bag 27L x 40

Glad Garbage Bag 27L x 40

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Feature Fresh Scent
Quality Leak proof base
Quantity 40 Units

Product Details

Glad Wavetop Tie Tidy Bags have a fresh scent and leak proof base.

GLAD® Wavetop Tie Bags are reliably strong and offer unique 4-way tie system for easy tie up and carry out. The "waves" enable the bag to be closed securely and carried easily, even when the bag is full. Only GLAD Wavetop Tie Bags contain the GLAD Odour Protect™, fresh scent formula that neutralises bad bin odours.

- GLAD Odour Protect™ formulation provides superior odour protection than regular fragrance only bags
- Fresh scent
- Leak proof base


Active agent lasts up to 3 days after each bag is opened.

Product Warnings

To avoid risk of suffocation bags out of reach of children. Wrap broken glass and sharp objects well. Do not overfill bags.