Guests Pillow Bag, pillow protector, pillow storage, blanket bag

Guests Pillow Bag (Blanket bag )

  • Brand: Hotel Products Direct
  • Product Code: 13-520
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  • $7.50

  • 10 or more $5.60


Color Black Bag with Clear front window.
Seal Zip closed
Size 55cm x 75cm

The perfect solution ( Pillow & Blanket Storage).

Now you can keep an additional pillow in the wardrobe or under the bed for your guests.

7 Benefits of a pillow bag:

  1. Keeps pillow stored free of dust.
  2. Keeps out damp and bugs
  3. The handle makes it easy to grab from under a bed or over a cupboard
  4. Can be used for blankets, cushions, linen  and towel storage
  5. The zip closure makes sure it seals properly unlike the flap versions
  6. The clear front window makes it easy to inspect without needing to open
  7. This is the smarter way to provide guests with additional pillows and blankets.
  8. It costs less than $10 - an inexpensive solution

Luxury lives in the finer details. It's a cloth napkin at a dinner table.

It's a mint on your pillow before bed.

Iggy Azalea