Apotheke & Sea Salt

Apotheke with Grapefruit & Sea Salt


A luxury home fragrance brand inspired by the unexpected beauty found in life's simple moments

APOTHEKE has come a long way but the vision hasn't changed. Soaps are still made by hand, and each fragrance is thoughtfully blended at their Brooklyn factory. 


Apotheke Shampoo Tube x 50
Apotheke Conditioner Tube x 50
Apotheke Bath Gel Tube x 50
Apotheke Body Lotion Tube x 50
Apotheke Soap x 100
Apotheke Pamper Pack
Apotheke Shampoo Pump 480ml
Apotheke Body Wash Pump 480ml
Apotheke Single Acrylic Bracket
Apotheke Double Acrylic Bracket
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