Room Accessories

Room Accessories


3 Compartment Sachet Holder
4 compartment Sachet Holder
5 Compartment Sachet Holder
Aurora Tea 4 Compartment Box
Black Windproof Ashtray
Elegant Timber Shoehorn
Hotel Key tag with Ring

Hotel Key tag with Ring

$5.90   $4.80

Silent Night Ear Plug x 100
Silent Night Ear Plug x 20
Universal Travel Adapter
USB Charger

USB Charger


World Adapter and USB Port
Disposable Ear Plug x 200
Disposable Ear Plug x 20
Eco-Friendly Bamboo Pen
Extra Long Fireplace Matches
Pink Eye Mask
Pink Eye Mask x 10
Glad Garbage Bag 27L x 40
Glad Garbage Bag 35L x 30
Glad Garbage Bag 50L x 20
Black Rectangle Tissue Box
Bloated Glass Sugar dispenser
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