Room Accessories

Room Accessories


3 Compartment Sachet Holder
4 compartment Sachet Holder
5 Compartment Sachet Holder
Aurora Tea 4 Compartment Box
Black Windproof Ashtray
Hotel Key tag with Ring
Long Oblong Key Tag with Ring
Silent Night Ear Plug x 20
T2 Single Compartment Caddy
Universal Travel Adapter
USB Charger

USB Charger


World Adapter and USB Port
T2 6 Compartment Caddy
T2 Wooden Presentation Box
Black Rectangle Twin Bin 14L
Black Round Leatherette Bin 10L
Brown Round Leatherette Bin 10L
Extra Long Fireplace Matches
T2 Moroccan Aqua Tea For One
T2 Moroccan Aqua Creamer
Pink Eye Mask
Pink Eye Mask x 10
Silent Night Ear Plug x 100
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