Room Accessories

Room Accessories


3 Compartment Sachet Holder
4 compartment Sachet Holder
Aurora Tea 4 Compartment Box
Bistro Sugar Bowl
Bistro Sugar Sachet Holder
Black Windproof Ashtray
Disposable Ear Plug x 20
Hotel Key tag with Ring

Hotel Key tag with Ring

$5.90   $4.50

Porcelain Sachet Holder
Universal Travel Adapter
USB AC Charger
World Adapter and USB Port
Disposable Ear Plug x 200
Eco-Friendly Bamboo Pen
Wall Mount First Aid Box
Black Plastic Rectangle Tissue Box
Bloated Glass Sugar dispenser
Black Leatherware Collection Set
Black Leather Square Tissue Box
Black Leather Notepad Holder
Black Leather Hotel Clock
Extra Long Fireplace Matches
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