Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


     Can I apply for work experience or voluntary work?

           Yes, you can. We offer work experience for 2 to 4 weeks for people wanting to gain some e-commerce skills. We will offer you a written reference after your completion that you may be able to use for future job applications. Just forward us a request along with your personal contact details, and if we feel you are suited then we will reach out to you. Email


  1. Who can buy from us?
  • At Hotel Products Direct, anyone can buy from us. We sell direct to the public and no ABN or business is required when purchasing.

  1. Is there any minimum to order?
  • No. There are minimum quantities required for some products but no minimum amount is required to place an order online.

  1. Where do you deliver to?
  • At this stage, we do ship to all locations within Australia, including some islands.

  1. How much is the delivery cost?
  • We design the flat rates for different states as follows:



Charges From:


Inner CBD




New South Wales
















12% of the total price + $22.00




South Australia



Western Australia


12% of the total price + $22

Northern Territory


12% of the total price + $22

  • However, there may be additional charges for bulky/heavy orders going to some remote areas or islands. We will contact you to discuss the freight if additional charges incurred.
  • We do not charge additional freight for backorders.

  1. How long is the delivery?
  • Metro areas: Up to 7 working days from the time of payment
  • Remote & rural areas (including islands): additional 7 days (total 14 days) from the time of payment
  • Delays: If the products are out of stock, there might be additional delays and you will be notified.

  1. What if I’m not home when the delivery comes?
  • If you are not home to sign for the parcels, the courier needs to redeliver your order which will incur additional redelivery fees.
  • To avoid any extra fees, you can give us the “Authority to Leave Goods” in the comment sections if you are not available at the time of delivery.

  1. Can I track my delivery?
  • Yes. We use registered shipment which you can always track your order on Australia Post or TNT websites.
  • When your order is dispatched, the tracking number is sent to  you by email.
  • If you have not received the tracking numbers, kindly check in your junk boxes or contact us to request one.

  1. What if I receive faulty/damaged/wrong items?
  • If the products arrive damaged/faulty, please contact us via email to with photos as references.
  • We then advise replacement, exchange or refund depending on the stock level availability at the time.

  1. How can return a product?
  • Please refer to our Return Policy under Terms and Conditions.
      9A. Sanitising your sheets and bleach stains.

      Right now people are worried about bacteria on their bedsheets. It is quite understandable, and we recommend using a proper brand name antibacterial laundry powder in accordance with the directions on the packet.

      The problem is, people get the idea that bleach will work and without any reading their pour it into the machine cycle and damaged all their sheeting, both white and colored.

      Rule 1 – Never use bleach or a bleach-based product on your sheets and towels. It will turn white towels yellowish in streaks and colored sheets will get fade marks throughout.

      Rule 2 – Whatever you do use, read the instructions first. Most products require pre-dilution before adding to the wash. If you do not follow the instructions you will end up with bleached, or bleach like lines in your fabric. (And we can spot it a mile away)!

      Rule 3 – Don’t try to fool us. We know this problem, and amazingly every person who does it claims they didn’t. We don’t replace bleach damaged sheets or towels, nor should we. Bleach and bleach-based products kill cotton fibre and we don’t recommend it.

      Rule 4 – Homemade products, organic or otherwise are never recommended by us. Use at your own peril.

9B. What can cause poly cotton sheets to shrink?

Poly/cotton sheets can shrink due to various factors, most of which involve exposure to heat, moisture, or improper washing and drying methods. Poly/cotton is a blend of polyester and cotton fibers, and both materials have different properties that can influence shrinkage. Here are some common causes of shrinkage in poly/cotton sheets:

1. Heat exposure: High temperatures, whether from hot water during washing or high heat settings during drying, can cause the fibers to contract and result in shrinkage. Polyester is particularly sensitive to heat, so it's essential to use appropriate washing and drying settings.

2. Hot washing and drying: Washing poly/cotton sheets in hot water or using a high-temperature setting during drying can lead to shrinkage. It is generally recommended to wash and dry them in cold or lukewarm water and use a low heat setting on the dryer.

3. Over-drying: Leaving poly/cotton sheets in the dryer for too long can contribute to shrinkage. It's best to remove them from the dryer while they are still slightly damp and let them air dry to prevent excessive shrinkage.

4. Aggressive washing cycles: Vigorous washing cycles, especially with heavy agitation, can stress the fibers and lead to shrinkage. Opt for gentle or delicate cycles when washing poly/cotton sheets.

5. Chemical exposure: Exposure to harsh chemicals or bleach during washing can damage the fibers and cause them to contract and shrink.

6, Improper care: Failing to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer can result in shrinkage. Always check the care label on the sheets and follow the recommended washing and drying guidelines.

To minimize shrinkage and extend the lifespan of poly/cotton sheets, it's essential to follow proper care practices. Use mild detergents, avoid high heat, and consider air-drying or using low-temperature settings whenever possible. Additionally, reading and adhering to the care instructions provided with the sheets can help preserve their quality and fit.

  9C. Do I wash Pool towels separately

  •        All coloured towels should be washed separately when they are first purchased, this will clear out any dust or dye residue they may be left.
  •        Coloured towels including Pool towels should always be washed separately to white towels. This applies to coloured and white sheets also.

  1. Can I request sample before purchasing?
  • Yes, there are samples on some certain product range which can be added to your cart at free of charge when shopping on the website.   
  • If you would like to request the samples only, please email us at or call us on 1300 651 355 to arrange the samples. The sample fee is $9.00 for postage.
  • We do not provide samples for linen and textiles. If you would like to check the material quality before placing an order, we recommend you buy one face washer/pillowcase/napkin which required to be paid full up front. We can arrange the refund if you wish to return the sample to us. 

  1.  Do Bed & Breakfast require a liquor licence?   

    According to the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR),

    Some small businesses are not required to have a liquor licence when supplying liquor. There are strict conditions regarding these exemptions. Minor businesses exempt from holding a liquor licence are not required to advise the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) of their intention to supply liquor.

    Bed and Breakfast

    To be eligible, the following conditions apply:
  • the bed and breakfast business must not provide temporary accommodation or dormitory accommodation for more than eight adults in the course of that business
  • must not supply more than 750ml of liquor in any one room per day
  • liquor is not supplied to a minor
  • the provider no longer needs to be a permanent resident under this exemption
  • the proprietor no longer needs to complete an approved Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training program.

    For further information, go to 

  1.  Why are my 50/50 sheets still wrinkled after being washed and dried? 
  • Our Percale 50/50 sheets are Commercial Bed Sheeting made from a premium Poly-Cotton blend that requires minimum ironing after laundering.
  • Creasing and wrinkling will usually happen in the domestic machine more than a commercial one, because of its limited size and capacity.
  • Therefore, to launder our 50/50 sheets domestically, you will have to leave enough space for the sheets to flow and roll freely inside the tub.
  • Do not overload the washing machine or tumbler. Because if the washer or dryer is overloaded or stuffed full, the sheets could come out as a wrinkled ball.
  • Our 50/50 sheets are iron-free if applying the correct laundering procedure.  

    13. Why do I receive short shelf life of Vegemite, Peanut Butter and Milk 15ml/ 150ml products?

  • With all the food consumable products, the shelf life is 3 to 6 months for Vegemite, Peanut Butter, UHT Milk 15ml and 150ml. Our supplier can only guarantee to provide the single serve food products within that shelf life, due to fast consumption in hospitality industry. Also, the small plastic packaging is limited to keep the contents as good and fresh as in larger jars/bottles.

    14. Why do I receive short shelf life of Vegemite, Peanut Butter and Milk 15ml/ 150ml products?

  • With all the food consumable products, the shelf life is 3 to 6 months for Vegemite, Peanut Butter, UHT Milk 15ml and 150ml. Our supplier can only guarantee to provide the single serve food products within that shelf life, due to fast consumption in hospitality industry. Also, the small plastic packaging is limited to keep the contents as good and fresh as in larger jars/bottles.

    15.What are our accepted payment methods?

If you’re placing an order through our website, there are many options available for you to make a payment in person, including: 

  • Cash (if you pick up goods in our store)
  • Credit Card (Master and Visa only) – 1% surcharge incurred.
  • Paypal
  • UnionPay
  • Direct Deposit (for $1000 or over order only)

16.A.  General Rules for Rewards Points

  • Customers must be logged into their online accounts to generate points.
  • Customers must earn points via the online shopping cart
  • Not all products generate points. Free products or end-of-line products or weekly special may or may not have points assigned.
  • Not all products can be purchased with points, it is the company's discretion as to what products are available for points purchase.
  • Points cannot be converted to cash.
  • Points cannot be transferred to another loyalty program.
  • Orders that are refunded or canceled will have their points removed for that order or item.
  • Points are only assigned after payment has been made and confirmed.
  • Points can take up to 7 days from the date of payment to show.
  • Disputed points must be accompanied by an email showing, the customer name, date of purchase, order number and products disputed with an explanation as to the issue.
  • Point totals are held with the online account only – which is why they only apply to online sales.

16.B  How to redeem my rewards points?

  • First, you must fill your cart with the products you wish to order
  • Then go to the home page and click on the SHOPPING-CART button on the top banner
  • This will give you the option to view your cart
  • From here you will see redemption offers based on the number of points you have
  • If you are not logged in, or you do not hold any points, then you will not see this.

 Can I have my own branded amenities products?

Hotel Products Direct realises the importance of branding your own image that represents your business. We offer to design and manufacture your own collection of hospitality amenities, towels and linen with exceptional quality and ingredients to elevate your unique business brand. 

17.   Paypal Pay In 4 - easy with 3 steps

  1. Check out using Paypal
  2. Choose "Paypal Pay In 4" and complete your purchase
  3. Make the first payment at the time of purchase and pay the rest in 3 payments over the next 4 weeks