The Importance of Guest Room Electricals in Transient Hotels

Hotels are classed as mainly transient when at least 75 percent of their guests are not permanent residents. The guest in a typical transient hotel can expect a room with private bath, telephone, radio, and television, in addition to such customer services as laundry, valet, and cleaning and pressing. A larger establishment usually has a […]

Why Should Hotels Promote Hot Drinking Chocolates

Imagine yourself cozying in a nice hotel room with a hot cup of chocolate in hand while watching television or reading a book. Sounds relaxing, right. However, hot drinking chocolates offers more than comfort and relaxation. They too have certain benefits that hotel guests will surely enjoy. Below are some of the reasons why hotels […]

The History of Chocolates and Mints Under Hotel Pillows

Chocolates and mint are always a treat if you think about it. As far as tradition goes, it is often granted as a reward for good behaviour among children and even adults. Hotels and other accommodations also take part in this tradition. More often than not, they leave a piece of a wrapped mint, chocolate, […]

VIVE [Re-Charge] Products: The Perfect Shower Collection for Hotel Guests

When you place your next order for exotic shower products as amenities for the guestrooms and suites of your hotel, motel, guest house, serviced apartments, bed and breakfast, caravan park or self-contained cottages, choose from the superb, enticing products offered by Hotel Products Direct. As owner or operator of a busy guest establishment, you want […]

Coffee Sachets, Portions, and Pods: Essential Hotel Supplies for Guests’ Convenience and Satisfaction

As the owner or operator of a resort, hotel, motel, guest house, serviced apartment, bed and breakfast or caravan park, you know just how vital keeping plentiful supplies of superior quality coffee brands available for your guests’ enjoyment. Coffee in varied forms is a favourite beverage for breakfast, lunch, dinner, after-dinner and at other times […]

Tea, Coffee, Cereals, and Spreads: Your Wide Array of Breakfast Choices for Hotel Guests

Breakfast is widely considered as the most important meal of the day. People who are used to having breakfast normally function productively after the day’s first meal. Hotels, no matter how large or small, often feature this amenity as they offer complimentary breakfast choices for their guests. A certain hotel can have all the beautiful rooms with an aesthetic view coupled with state-of-the-art pools and gyms, but the experience of the hotel guests will not be complete without a wide array of breakfast choices.